Creating Safe Spaces for the Next Generation
of Female leaders

About Us

Leap Girl Africa is a women-led Non Governmental Organisation created in 2016 by Ketcha Pertulla Ezigha and legally recognised in 2018 under the Declaration of Association 2009 in Cameroon.

Our programs are creating safe spaces for the next generation of female leaders through our flagship program called the African Gender Equality and Employment Program. Which trains male and women leaders on how report, respond and prevent sexual assault in schools, workplace, homes and communities…

Did you know 32% of young girls in Cameroon first sexual relationships were forced and out of abuse before the ages of 15?


We envisage a #GBVfreecommunity, where every woman is educated, her Rights are respected, her voice is heard and she is given an opportunity to follow her life career.

Breaking the cycle and silence of Violence

Empowering women

Engaging Men in GBV Prevention

Engaging men in GBV prevention

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Documentation, Prevention and Research

Sub Saharan Africa reach
people trained in gbv prevention and empowered
People Reached
victims and survivors of sgbv Supported